• Shipwreck in Poole Harbour


Shipwreck Cruise in Poole Harbour

Shipwreck Cruise - Find out what’s hidden in the depths of Poole Harbour and Poole Bay.

Start your trip with a 90 minute cruise that will take you around Poole Harbour. While onboard watch a presentation given by a maritime archaeologist about the Iron Age Poole Logboat, medieval Studland Bay Wreck, 17th century Swash Channel Wreck and the WWII Valentine DD Tanks which sunk in the area.
Following the cruise join us for a visit to Poole Museum and see for yourself remarkable artefacts recovered from the seabed and more.

Your ticket includes:

  • 90 minute cruise from Poole Quay
  • 30 minutes tour of Poole Museum
  • Interactive talk from a maritime archaeologist
  • Cash bar available for snacks and drinks